2012 Events

Tour de Toph – Tuesday Night Traing Ride

Big Muscle Hustle – Thursday Night Training Ride

Winter Training Camp 2012 – Every Saturday

Lit-Up Alley Cat Series was a five race alley cat series that took place over the span of a year and focused on points of interest in Saint Louis, MO.

Goldsprints are stationary bike races. These races take place in Saint Louis during the cold winter months, usually covering the months between the track racing seasons. Check out some of the pictures on my Flickr but A GREENER FILM‘s are better.

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race - 2012

Tour de Grove is a professionally sanctioned USA Cycling race. In 2012, I worked on the event planning committee and put on an hour long intermission which included skateboarding, BMX, and freak-bike concoctions.