We’re Back!

Well, the  SpokedSTL site is back up….

Lot’s of cool stuff has happened since I posted last. The SpokedSTL team did pretty well for our first CX season. The track bikes were hung on the wall for a few months in exchange for single speed cross bikes with those knobbies. Mud!

We have a few new additions to the team. We’ve added a few new guys, but I’m personally more excited about the handful of new women on the team. SpokedSTL has always tried to give back to the community while challenging the norm. This year we hope to do our part to encourage new riders to try the sport.

The SpokedSTL team has some new sponsors for the 2014 season. All-City was added as our bike sponsor towards the end of the 2013 season and will continue through 2014. In addition, we have teamed with Velocity Wheels, and Knog lights and stuff. We’re mostly excited to announce our new shop sponsor will be A&M Bicycles (new website coming soon). The owner of A&M, Karl, has an insane wealth of knowledge of racing and all things bikes. His shop is small, personal, and overflowing with knowledge and skill. Our 2013 season will be tough to beat, but we’re up for the challenge.

Here are a few videos that Ernesto Pacheco has made — as usual, some rad stuff. Let’s start with a few CX videos.

Gateway Cross Cup 2013 – SpokedSTL from Ernesto Pacheco on Vimeo.

Gritty City Cross Race – SpokedSTL from Ernesto Pacheco on Vimeo.

Wolfpack Hustle STL – Riding Timelapse from Ernesto Pacheco on Vimeo.



Another CX Post

Matt and Chris shredding some steel on dirt. This season’s Single Speed category is usually about 20 deep and the competition is pretty burly. If you’re in St. Louis, or anywhere for that matter, come check out the Bubba Cross Series every Sunday.

In celebration of the best time of the year, our buddy Ernesto Pacheco surprised us with a little video. Here’s the link on Vimeo.



SpokedSTL Kit Design Ballot

The time has come to vote on the new SpokedSTL kit. Unlike the current black and orange team kit, this will we available to the public.

The SpokedSTL team is very competitive, but that’s not what SpokedSTL is all about. It’s about community, family, and being part of something. Knowing that there are dozens of like-minded riders out there, just like you, who just want to ride bikes and have fun. It doesn’t matter how much your wheels cost. It doesn’t matter if you have gears or not. Get the kit and join the movement.

You get only one vote. Click on the picture to take a closer look. Voting ends at midnight on September 15th. We will open pre-orders for the kits once a winner has been declared.

4 Hands & Mike’s Bikes STL Social Ride



I’m so happy to have been given the opportunity to work with 4 Hands Brewery and Mike’s Bikes STL on the Music, Bikes, and Beer fundraiser. The three of us teamed up to raise over $3,500 back in April for the Penrose Park Velodrome. I consider this to be the event that really set the bar and showed what our community had to offer.

Since then, Mike’s Bikes STL has been working with their partners over at 4 Hands to continue raising funds for the velodrome. This team has raised more money than anyone else to date. The Penrose Park Steering Committee has taken donations from private donors as well as the sale of the Penrose Park T-Shirts, but Mike’s Bikes STL and 4 Hands have remained constant supporters of our track.

On Sunday 7/28, they are hosting a chill ride leaving from 4 Hands at 9pm. Prior to the ride $1 from all beer sales will be donated to The Penrose Park Velodrome.

Thanks for all you’re doing guys.

World Naked Bike Ride 2013

942565_551183798266881_1771315741_nWith a slogan “Come bare as you dare, ” The World Naked Bike Ride has presented a challenge. It’s a friendly challenge that asks people to reassess their views of themselves and the world in which they live. The ride’s title seems, to some, to just be a bunch of hippies riding their bikes around town reminiscing of the “free love” era. Well, those people are there too but there’s much more to the WNBR than that.

The goal of this ride is to peacefully protest our dependency on oil and to promote the rights that cyclists are entailed to on the roads. This is the 6th annual WNBR in St. Louis and each year grows exponentially with an approximated 1,000 beautifully naked bodies in 2012.

There will be live music, body painting, an expo area, and free bicycle valet before hand in the South Grand Business District parking lot at Hartford St. and Arkansas Ave starting at 6pm. See the full list here. The 13 mile ride departs at 8pm and will cover a handful of neighborhoods including Cherokee, Soulard, Downtown, The Central West End, and The Grove. Don’t worry about the pace if you don’t consider yourself an experienced cyclist. The ride is slow and stead with lots of stops to make sure no one is dropped.

Just like last year, the WNBR will end in The Grove. The WNBR ride partners Atomic Cowboy and The HandleBar have you covered with drink specials and awards for best (un)dressed, and most creatively (un)dressed.

The Atomic Cowboy has been generous enough to allow cyclists to leave their bikes locked up on the back patio if they feel too intoxicated to ride home. Please take advantage of this service. Nothing is worse than crashing a bike naked. (I know from experience. Ask for my selfies from last year)

Here is the link to the Facebook Event

Visit http://www.wnbrstl.org/ for more details.

View WNBR 2013 in a larger map

New SpokedSTL Kit Contest

I’ve been getting a lot more requests from people wanting to order kits and caps. Since putting out something new for fall CX season was already on my radar I thought what better way to show love for all of the sick artists, designers, and riders in STL than with a contest.

Here are the rules: Design a kit. You are free to do whatever you want as long as the SpokedSTL logos are visible from a few vantage points. Work solo or team up with a pal. All designs must be submitted to me via email [matt at SpokedSTL.com] no later than 8/31. Once all of the designs have been submitted, I’ll put them up online for a vote. The one with the most votes wins. Pre-orders will be taken as soon as the winner has been crowned. It usually takes 8 weeks for the production of the kits to be completed so we should have the whole process wrapped up by the time CX is in full swing.  Winner gets his/her kit for free!

Here is the link to the jersey and here is the link to the bibs. Both links have the design template and specs. The current team kits are the same model and everyone seems to really like them. Here is the link to the SpokedSTL logo sheet.

Time Trial Alley Cat

Time Trial Alley Cat Race Promo – SpokedSTL from Ernesto Pacheco on Vimeo.

Sorry we’ve been a little slow rolling out our summer races this year. Hopefully you have been taking the time BBQ, drink beer, and hang out by a pool somewhere. Welp, now it’s time to shred. First up we have the Time Trial Alley Cat.

This is Kayce’s brain child and it’s something totally new. So if you haven’t seen the Facebook Event this is how it works. This is a race against the clock. Each rider will leave one minute apart. Get from point A to point B as fast as you can. Best time wins.

Sunday, July 21st at 2pm. $3. Heman Park. Cash prize for fixed, geared, and female categories.

And don’t worry. We’ve got two other races to announce soon.

“The All-Powerful Enterprise”

I’m really loving all of the bickering over New York’s new Citi Bike Program. So many people are outraged about the placement of rental bikes in their neighborhoods. They are an “eye sore” and were place there by the bicycle lobby, an “all powerful enterprise.” Where is all of this money and power? According to the National Bicycle Dealer’s Association the number of bicycles sold has been steadily dropping since  it’s record high in 1973.

This is the best video by far.