Team Seagal – The “non-team”


You’ve probably never heard of Team Seagal, and they could care less. In fact, they are probably gonna kick my ass when they find out that I mentioned them in a blog post. Suck-it, Jerks.

These fools have been crushing gravel, chugging Nog, and translating Chinese Scrolls since you had to find someone to buy you beer. (Baby J, please disregard this last sentence.) But, I would say that they are mostly known for their “non-races,” long rides, Juggalos, triathalons, PBR, and code words.

Some Seagal rides are tough enough to make JPows quit racing and focus on his DJ career. The FeC-Kar is a gravel ride covering 100 miles throughout Iron and Reynolds Counties. The Death By Hills course is roughly 91 miles with about 7,888 feet of climbing.


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